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  With a wealth of expertise in everything from general wheel refinishing to aluminum machine polish, we're known as the masters of wheel repair


  Curbs can be bad news for your rims. But we have good news! We can make your curb damage go away! We have repaired thousands of wheels that have sustained curb contact damage.


  Did you know that road salt, dirt, and chemicals are dangerous for your wheels? Finish failure on your wheels just looks bad. Aluminum wheels do not rust, they oxidize and corrode. We often hear, "my wheels just look dirty and I can’t seem to clean them!” We have the experience and equipment to turn those run down wheels into the highlight of your ride.


  When you want a custom finish on your wheels, Car Source is the place to come to. There is nothing that can express the uniqueness of your ride like a set of custom finished wheels that no one else has. Whether you are ready for a change of color, a tasteful matte finish or hyper silver, we can offer expert consulting and deliver an exceptional product not found anywhere else.

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